Reining in Rainy-Day Entertainment

Next to my coffee maker, my label maker is my most-used household gadget. For me, labeling is a method of discipline in both organizing and purging, all with the idea that everything in our home has a home…but with the caveat that not too much of any one category of thing is to take up residence at once.

My latest organizing project involved reining in the kids’ rainy-day arts and crafts supplies – items that (while neatly organized) were located in a number of locations around the house.

Challenge: Without a formal and centralized storage system, it had become difficult to monitor the volume (and growth) of the kids’ arts and crafts supplies…and challenging for the main users of these supplies to find/access what they want/need. Labels and simple storage were both key in creating a cost- and space-efficient solution that could allow for maximum visibility, together with the right balance of access. Continue reading “Reining in Rainy-Day Entertainment”

Dress-Up Storage Solution Fit for a Princess (…Or Her Mom)

My youngest daughter loves to play dress-up. Thanks to her older sister, we have quite a collection of dresses and accessories for her to choose from.

Unfortunately, as the collection grew, the initial storage solution (a hamper) became less than practical.

Challenge: Replace overflowing hamper with storage solution that provides visibility during playtime and (relative) invisibility after playtime.  Continue reading “Dress-Up Storage Solution Fit for a Princess (…Or Her Mom)”

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