Dress-Up Storage Solution Fit for a Princess (…Or Her Mom)

My youngest daughter loves to play dress-up. Thanks to her older sister, we have quite a collection of dresses and accessories for her to choose from.

Unfortunately, as the collection grew, the initial storage solution (a hamper) became less than practical.

Challenge: Replace overflowing hamper with storage solution that provides visibility during playtime and (relative) invisibility after playtime. 

Solution: Compact, child-height dress-up station, utilizing hooks and cube storage.


The solution included two wall-mounted racks that featured four hooks each (or – up to eight each, depending on use) – in addition to standing storage. To maximize the capacity of the two-shelf, standing storage system, I used a two-section divider for the bottom shelf and a four-section divider for the top shelf. To add even more accessory storage, I used two double hooks mounted to each side of the shelving unit.

Result: Easy-to-reach, easy-to-see storage for the well-accessorized princess…via a budget-friendly, easy-to-assemble (and simple-to-organize) system for the royal mother.



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